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Payments for Wholesale/TIER orders must be submitted by mail in the form of a completely blank money order or cash. We do not accept debit or credit card payments for Wholesale/TIER orders. Payments can be sent via USPS Priority mail or USPS Express mail for the fastest and most secure methold possible. You can print a label online or go to your local Post Office for assistance. 100% reimbersement of out of pocket shipping cost of your payment is outlined on the section below. Once your payment is mailed email us the tracking number at Exoticiusa@gmail.com along with the total sent, your order number, as well as an email address or phone number where you can be reached inside of a piece of paper that you will wrap your payment in and place inside the shipping envelope. Please do not put any information regarding products inside the payment envelope and do not require a signature upon delivery. No matter what happens you will NEVER be out of your money. To sign up create an account and fill out the form below and let us know where to place you

Shipping cost reimbersement

Orders over $100 will receive reimbersement for out of pocket shipping charges. 

  • If payment will be sent Priority take $6 off your order total
  • If payment will be sent Express ftake $20 off your order total

*Please do not subtract from any orders under $100 this will delay the shipment of your order

Once your order has shipped you will receive a tracking number to the email you used on your order. 

  • Please do not require a signature upon delivery of your payment. We are not able to go to the front to sign and often you will have to wait 15 business days or more for your payment to be returned to you.


  • Please do not include any information regarding products or any loose coins in the envelope containing your payment.


  • We accept blank money orders or cash as payments. If you are sending a money order it must be completely blank or we can not accept it.


  • If you need the address to send payments to or if you have any questions regarding the ordering process email us at Exoticiusa@gmail.com


Wholesale/Discount pricing

Pricing per Tier (level 6)

Mail In pricing (No Minimum)

  • 4G- $9.50

  • 10G- $18.00

Tier 3 ($300 Minimum)

  • 4G-$8.50

  • 10G- $16.00

Tier 2 ($500 Minimum)

  • 4G- $8.00

  • 10G- $13.00

Tier 1 ($850 Minimum)

  • 4G- $7.50

  • 10G- $11.50

Email us at ExoticIUSA@gmail.com to have your account upgraded to a higher tier!

*All Priciing listed above is for mail in payments only



*Fill out the form below to have your account upgraded















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Tier (1,2,3, or mail in):







































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